Duality Is A Hack, Not A Permanent Feature

Most human minds perceive the world in dualistic ways. Something is either good or evil, right or wrong, red or blue, fair or unfair. We think this is an authentic and natural way to know reality. Except it’s not.

The fundamental reality of the world is constructed not by “either…or” structure, but by “both…and” structure.

A quantum entity is both a particle and a wave. Photons exist both here and there. The universe is both empty and full.

Duality is a shortcut for humans to process information faster. It’s a temporary hack at a certain stage of cognitive evolution when there’s only so much processing power available in the brain CPU. In other words, it’s a hack to simplify things when the conscious mind is not yet smart enough.

As human intelligence continues grow at warp speed like it has done in past 500 years, and as our processing power is being augmented in other ways with technology, human consciousness will gradually evolve out of duality as our default way to perceive reality.

Growing the self awareness that a temp shortcut is not a permanent feature, and that this ancient tool all of us use to see the world does not tell the truth even remotely, is the first step in this shared evolution.

© 2021. Natasha Che. All rights reserved.